Monday, December 6, 2010

Reed & Rader

This is a post for all you art/mixed media/fashion/makeup/photography lovers.

Deep in the belly of what could easily be one the most creatively inspired areas I've ever had the pleasure of inhabiting (Brooklyn), lies Reed & Rader. They're a very unique photography duo I was introduced to by Lottie and was lucky enough to assist her on 2 of their shoots. And lemme just tell you, watching her pump out 13 amazing over the top looks in 1 day was already inspiring. Seeing the outcome of the images made my jaw drop and then turn up into a smile. Again, as I said before, that's what I love about this business. The final outcome is infused with each contributer's own touch of "magic". I'm hoping to work with them myself one of these days because who wouldn't want the awesome images they produce in their portfolio?! In any case, the shoots I assisted her with are finally up and you can view them here:

(Make sure you check out the rest of their site too. The kid inside of you will jump for joy. Promise.)

Freak Show

(they're animated so click the link and look at the site - these compressed FB jpgs do them absolutely no justice)

Tokion Factory


  1. Hi Risa,
    Just checked these out...they are amazing...I am one of your youtube fans...and I am so happy to have found your blog. I have been meaning to stop by and read every entry. You are very talented and to assist Lottie...OMG she is amazing too....xoxo

  2. Thank you so, so much for sharing these with us!

    As you said it would be, my kid is overjoyed :) .