Saturday, February 27, 2010

Omnipresence in Photography

A reflection of the Path I've walked thusfar.

A reflection of my perspective.

I believe artists (of any kind) are people who were born with a more fine tuned "sixth sense" than some. They are more in touch with their intuition. Photos are a reflection of a person's perspective; what they focus on, what they include and what they leave out. The energy that a photographer puts into that moment when the shutter snaps, is what gives the photo "life", or not. (Also the energy put into any post work)

I was going through the photos I've taken so far on this trip and noticed such a contrast in the focus, from those I took while here last year. Browsing through last year, the first photos in Brooklyn (March) were somewhat dark, focused moreso on the shadows or silhouettes than anything else.

Even where there was color, the shadows were overpowering.

Later in March, in Sedona, which is an extremely different environment, the colors were more apparent, but there was still a sense of darkness. I honestly wonder if the increase of "brightness" had to do with the natural colors of the earth, or the energy vortexs that are said to have an effect on a person's own energy. Aside from the shift in visual brightness, the physical perspective leans moreso to that of a person who feels small, in a huge world.

There's even a distinct focus on shadow(play):

Come May, I began to focus more on light, and life. In subtle and not so subtle ways. The Coney Island set having a much higher reflection of energy, despite the fact that most were taken at night. It is, based on the energy the photos emit, my favorite set from this span of months.

Memorial Day Weekend in Philly (1 day after Coney Island) is documented in various reflections, along with other themes. Some as images with more than 1 layer of perspective embedded in them. In general, the entire set, (though not my favorite) is more balanced.

I haven't done many "sets" since Philly (until now), but the non collective photos I have taken, I believe, have more of a sense of balance between light, shadow, focus, composition and lastly, perspective.

This one, though taken on my iphone and not the best in terms of quality, is one of my favorites:

I haven't taken many on this trip, but the shift is all too apparent to me.

-I will add to this at a later date.


  1. as an aspiring photographer I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I can certainly see the change in direction...depictions of life in a hopeful light :)

  2. love them, I can feel you, your personality in them if that makes sense :-D

  3. Beautiful, inspiring.

  4. Wow, I agree with Crystal.S. These are lovely!

  5. I can see you have a good “eye“, it shows in your make up, obviosly, but as you said before, an artist is more in touch with intuition, and that translates in many “languages“, such as photography and make up in your case, and who knows what else! I really like you photos :)

  6. On my blog you a prize! pasate to pick it up and you nominated a kiss

  7. I love your photo style, you should get an flickr account and post your photos there, they are really very very good!

  8. Love the ant the 16th photo down.

    btw, you received an award:


  9. I see you have a good "eye", shows in its composition, obviosly, but as I said before, is an artist more in touch with intuition, and this results in many "languages" such as photography and makeup if and who knows what else! I love the pictures


  10. Great!
    As an aspiring photographer, I fully enjoyed this post. I can certainly see a change of direction ... descriptions of the life of a light of hope:)

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