Wednesday, December 29, 2010


For me, this "series" was definitely special and surely laced with magic for multiple reasons. First, our bare bones team. Now, anyone who knows me in real life or follows me on twitter knows I'm a bit obsessed with astrology along with uhhh ... spirituality? Call it narcissistic if you must, but being a Scorpio, I really just can't get enough of being around my species and soaking in what they give off. I've only known Destiney for a few months but everything we create I've been in love with. And Bobby, well, words can't really do our connection justice but we've been vibing off each other for quite some years. Every Scorpio I've ever known has a certain undeniable, nearly mystical, passionate energy they can bring to any situation. So working with them in anything, especially creative always leaves me fulfilled. What started as a test for another series we have planned, quickly took on a mind and life of it's own, very much by accident. I've always wanted to recreate a look I did on myself, because well, what good does it do on me? When I was about half way done, Bobby came over and mentioned something about it looking like a Phoenix. I went with it, loving the idea, finished the makeup and we began to shoot.

The first real snow fall of the season had begun hours before as we set up and continued throughout our shoot. Of course I HAD to convince Bobby to at least take a few shots outside to capture this season's "first". It was pretty cold though and we only got about 5 outside shots. What continued inside was just some kinda magical flow that you just had to be there to feel. "Let the drummer kick" - Citizen Cope became our soundtrack and Bobby clicked away, quite literally to the beat of the song and we all seemed to enter a nearly trance like state. Anyhow, this was the outcome. Enjoy. :)

Photographer: Robert Billings
Model: Destiney Davila
Makeup: Risa