Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In the words of Josh "Hot hot sex on a silver platter"

lol IDK I'm lame and have no clue what to name this...
Reaching back into my old looks, I found this:

And I decided to redo it in a tutorial.

Here's photos and products used...

Natural Sunlight!! (FINALLY)

Flash ^


Primer Potion - Urban Decay
ES146 - Yaby Cosmetics
Nocturnelle - MAC
Burnt Burgandy Pigment - MAC
Water Based Mixing Medium - MAC
Bandana - Calypso Mineral Beauty
Primary yellow Pigment - MAC
Pop Star - Calypso Mineral Beauty
Aquadelic - Calypso Mineral Beauty
#3 and Liza PM Lashes - MAC
Fantasy Length Lashes - Revlon
Sea squirt Mascara - LA Splash
Extra Light Hyperreal Pressed Powder - MAC


LadyBlush - MAC
Velvet Elvis - MAC


Vino lipliner - MAC
Isabella Blow lipstick - MAC
Plumed Violet CCB - MAC

Monday, July 6, 2009

Purple/Green/Gold Eyes

This was the original look that I changed a bit. Please dont mind the brows :X

Now the updated version:


Products Used:
Bitter eyeshadow - MAC
Love Lavender - Sappho Cosmetics
Limelight - Calypso Mineral Beauty
Old Gold Pigment - MAC
Burnt Burgandy Pigment - MAC
Chartru Paint - MAC
Extra Light Hyper Real Pressed Powder - MAC
Zero - Urban Decay
Resort Eye Khol - MAC
Black Luxe Lashes - Shu Uemura

Plumed Violet Cream Color Base - MAC
Shell Pearl Beauty Powder - MAC

Purple Rain lipliner - NYX
Violetta Lipstick - MAC
Enriched Gold PRO Gloss - MAC

"Dream On" with "Just you wait" by Sinful Colors

Sappho Cosmetics Website
Calypso Mineral Beauty Website

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Colored Mascara - LA Splash!

There's quite a few lines that carry colored mascara. While in LA at the IMATS, I picked up a few by LA splash and I have to say the color does not disappoint!!! Colored mascara is a great way to play with color and add a little to your look even if you're uncomfortable wearing bold colors all over. Here's some photos of a look I did:


^Natural Light

The mascaras can be purchased here.

How to put your lipsticks into pans

I did this for kit purposes to better utilize my space. Yaby's website can be found here: Yaby's website The empty pans, magnets (called "grippies" on the site) and the freestyle palette can all be found under "Accessories" on the website.

IMATS video

LA was great!! I met a few of my subscribers, saw some really cool special effects m/u and had a blast partying with friends :)