Saturday, May 16, 2009

My kit

A lot of you have asked what my kit looks like and what's in it. Here's a video showing you. Please dont ask for specific color names. It would take forever to list them!! And I believe that each artist has the colors THEY need and the brands/lines THEY like - everyone is different. I will be happy with my kit, the day I have a wide variety of products from various lines, not just MAC, and I have learned how to airbrush! :)


  1. Just out of curious, why do you dislike Mac so much?

  2. while you are speaking of replacing your don't have a flute shadow to sell, do you? i love that zuca bag; i think i must have one soon. thanks for sharing:)

  3. It's not that I dislike mac, but it's not the end all be all. MAC started out as a fantastic company, but there's other lines that aren't as well known that are just as, if not more amazing. I just don't really believe in "band loyalty" in the sense that I don't want to use something, just because it's mac. Like calypso minerals has amazing products. But it's a brand new line, so less people are apt to use the product.