Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tha Makeup Show


  1. I saw that girl too at the makeupshow. Stunning!

  2. WOW that body paint is AWESOME!!! Who was he artist??

  3. oh yea, that body paint and the other girl, the one with the wings were awesome!
    I hate myself for not picking up the yaby palettes, i thought oh well i'll get it in their website and theyre twice the price :(

    well... theres always next year.

  4. hey i recognize the guy with the silver sequined cap in the background photo from the 'The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist' reality show, i think he came in 2nd....Maxi was his name.

  5. this is a msg for Jolina...

    Hey Jolina the artist who did that body paint was "jinny" she is a wicked make up and body artist....if u r in australia she is coming to do a teaching tour next Feb.

    her website is

    I am the QLD orgainser for her tour so if you want more info feel free to contact me through my website

    xoxo Cheers