Friday, June 5, 2009

Beauty on A Budget!!

All you high-end makeup lovers, give drugstore makeup a chance before you knock it! The drugstore has many hidden jewels just waiting to be discovered. Below are some of my favorite products.

^Without flash

^With flash

Products I used: Prestige Flushed eyeshadow, Wet and Wild #863 liquid liner, MIlani Mango Tango blush and Prestige Melba eyeshadow on cheeks. Prestige lipstick in Passion and Loreal Color Juice gloss in Strawberry Smoothie.

^These are the swatches from my video.
Liquid Liners (T-B):
Pop Star, Azure, Icon, Fame, Envy (all by prestige)and #863 by Wet and Wild.
Shadows (T-B): Silver, Bullet (milani), Flushed (prestige), Golden Retriever (Prestige), Melba (prestige), Moonlight (milani)


  1. I think this work is great! i'm waiting for the video to download so i can watch it. Another great beauty product i found is Revlon Colorstay clear lipliner.. it works so well!

  2. Those liners look amazing! And I LOVE your videos. :D

  3. that liner from wet and wold is pretty intense. I love it. its good to know u also have a heart for low end brands :)

  4. Love that green liner on you! Looks awesome :)

  5. Hey there :) I sooooo appreciate this.. review? Not sure what to categorize it as, but it's great! Anyway, I was wondering if you knew of a fleshy colored liner that I could find from a drugstore line? If any other commenters know of one, I'd love recs from you guys as well!

  6. Fleshy colored liner...for what? lips, eyes? If youre asking for eyes, I've yet to find one by any line - high end OR drugstore. But eyeshadow works pretty well too :)

  7. Oops, totally my bad! I meant for eyes, specifically my lower waterline. I think I remember seeing you put shadow on your lower waterline in a tutorial... but I'm a big baby and can't stand the feeling of a brush against my waterline. I don't think lip liners are safe to use around the eye? I've tried using white, but the pencil wasn't all that great blah blah, so I thought I was going to buy a new one anyway, I could try something less ..blatant? I dunno. :P