Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Channel, IMATS & new tutorial

I realized that a lot of people have channels just for fun stuff so I created a non-makeup channel that can be found here.

I'm super *excited* for the IMATS! After a lot of consideration and funding, I decided to go. I'm hoping it will be useful for networking on the west coast since I'm back over here for the time being. Now that I can edit videos, I will be posting a video when I return :)

Josh (Petrilude) asked me to do a tutorial to feature on his channel so here it is!

Products Used:
Desirious Blush (MAC)
Beautiful Iris Eyeshadow (MAC)
Sundrenched cream color base (MAC)
Mango pigment (Calypso Mineral Beauty)
Sushi Flower Eyeshadow (MAC)
Whatever pigment (Calypso Mineral beauty)
Motif Eyeshadow (MAC)
Pink Bronze Pigment (MAC)
Burnt Burgandy Pigment (MAC)
Bright Fuschia Pigment (MAC)
Black Liquid Liner (Prestige)
Black Mascara (Maybelline)
Spiked Brow Pencil (MAC)
Red Cherry Lashes
Feather Lashes (bottom) -

Lips: Magenta and Vino lipliner (MAC), Motif Eyeshadow (MAC) & Lustrewhite Lustreglass (MAC)


  1. Er...WOW! This looks amazing :) xxx

  2. The colors! The lashes! Everything is really so gorgeous~ Amazing look~

  3. hey risa u r gorjuzzzzz and dont take this in offence but u got light freckles like me and i always thought eye shadow was good enuff 4 my freckles but seeing how amazing you look i just cant believe it. ur g0rjuz hun soo happi to have f0und ur blog. keep up the great work and come past my blog anytime. take care =D

  4. This is absolutely amazing... I'm gob smacked! You are so incredibly talented! x

  5. I absolutely LOVE this look!!! I would wear it as is prior to the feathering. The colors are stunning. I love your videos.

  6. an amazing artist! I am soooo gonna use this look with one of my kimono

  7. absolutely genius!!!

  8. Your soo creative! Love your blog and YouTube channel!!

  9. In the event that I needed someone to do my makeup, I'd totally fly you to my house and pay you as much money as you wanted.

    This is gorgeous.

  10. This is just fantastic, a great work of art. I did something similar but less colorful and intense. This is just amazing!

  11. This is absolutely fantastic! I am wowed!

  12. You are so talented and I absolutely adore this look!

  13. This look is just leaves me speechless! and Yay for IMATS! Its going to be sooo amazing this year! Im sure you already know but on Sat they are having an Afterglow party at the Twin Palms Restaurant, great for networking! ^.* Fantastic as always Risa!

  14. im loving your blog woman <3

  15. this is gorgeous. you create art with makeup. actual art. amazing.

  16. very creative! i'm really enjoying the last few videos you posted on youtube...quite insightful!

  17. Love it! Sooo purple!!!!!!!

  18. Absolutely AMAZING Risa!

    You are truly talented and beautiful inside and out! I love it! :)

    I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday and that you have a Wonderful Week!

    Liesl :)

  19. To be honest, I think this look is amazing. It looks beautiful on you.
    I can’t wait for Halloween so I can try this look...
    I was watching another video where you have a bunch of pictures and you had this look but it was like a lighter color, pink eye shadow, and some dots; I would love to see a video on this specific look.

  20. You are so beautiful.
    I'm going 2 add your blog 2 my reader.
    I love your blog.

  21. I found your blog while trying to find out what kind of makeup Pink uses and/or who her makeup artist is. That is difficult to find with a name like "Pink!" Anyway ... THIS look is absolutely ... amazing. Stunning. I WISH I had a creative mind that could conceptualize stuff like this. It's gorgeous. Thanks for putting it out there!