Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In the words of Josh "Hot hot sex on a silver platter"

lol IDK I'm lame and have no clue what to name this...
Reaching back into my old looks, I found this:

And I decided to redo it in a tutorial.

Here's photos and products used...

Natural Sunlight!! (FINALLY)

Flash ^


Primer Potion - Urban Decay
ES146 - Yaby Cosmetics
Nocturnelle - MAC
Burnt Burgandy Pigment - MAC
Water Based Mixing Medium - MAC
Bandana - Calypso Mineral Beauty
Primary yellow Pigment - MAC
Pop Star - Calypso Mineral Beauty
Aquadelic - Calypso Mineral Beauty
#3 and Liza PM Lashes - MAC
Fantasy Length Lashes - Revlon
Sea squirt Mascara - LA Splash
Extra Light Hyperreal Pressed Powder - MAC


LadyBlush - MAC
Velvet Elvis - MAC


Vino lipliner - MAC
Isabella Blow lipstick - MAC
Plumed Violet CCB - MAC


  1. My goodness your so beautiful... I love your lips.

  2. Love the look. Calypso minerals look nice.

  3. Wow, I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Your work is amazing and you're so talented. I'm definitely a new follower of your blog now! Your work is so inspirational. (:

  4. Wow Risa you look stunning!
    Your pictures don't even look real because it looks so perfect....looks like a canvas painting.

  5. wow risa, this is beautiful!

  6. This is gorgeous, and I'm pretty sure I commented on the tutorial as well. I'm jealous of the skills.

    Also, according to a tweet earlier--you'll click my links on my blog if I click yours? if so, my blog is linked to my account. if not, eh--i click your links anyway. I click everyone's links.

  7. I can't stop staring at your lower lashes! <3

  8. Just found your contouring-video on youtube and I love it.. I went out and bought a stick the same day (even though the MAC girl tried to talk me into buying a MUCH lighter color) and I've been playing around w/ it for a couple of days and it looks great. Anyways I watched the video where you show your makeup, and I wanted to ask where you bought your Kryolan kits?

  9. Whoa Risa, this is beautiful!
    Your looks are, for lack of a more modern word, whimsical.
    Very inspirational (:

  10. Love your creativity! Beautiful!

  11. such a vibrant look, definitely one for carnival! I love it :)

  12. Your precision and gradation of colour are amazing. <3