Sunday, July 5, 2009

Colored Mascara - LA Splash!

There's quite a few lines that carry colored mascara. While in LA at the IMATS, I picked up a few by LA splash and I have to say the color does not disappoint!!! Colored mascara is a great way to play with color and add a little to your look even if you're uncomfortable wearing bold colors all over. Here's some photos of a look I did:


^Natural Light

The mascaras can be purchased here.


  1. So glad you spotlighted this brand because I just stumbled upon LA Splash this weekend at Ulta. Totally affordable products & such gorgeous colors. I got the liquid colored liner & glitter liner to play with but will definitely have to search out their colored mascaras. Your pics here really show the mascara colors beautifully. So glad you're back with your videos. Have missed them!!!

  2. I really like LA Splash!