Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I've been lazy with my blog entries.

Embed, post corresponding photo and list products. That said, I'm going to attempt to update this more frequently. After I posted a t-shirt video, a lot of you asked how I stay in shape. The answer? I'm nowhere NEAR "in shape". My "shape" is what it is because of genetics but I am by no means fit. Once upon a time, many many moons ago I was, however this is no longer the case. I danced (tap, jazz, ballet technique and hip hop) for 13 years of my life. After which I became obsessed with weight training to the point that I had a 6 pack and the upside U on my triceps and wanted to compete. I worked for a very short time as a personal trainer and Human Physiology was at one time my favorite class in school which led me to starting college as pred-med. As I said, many moons ago...

I am a vegetarian, have been since birth (yes, you read that correctly). So I suppose that may be a contributing factor, because I do believe if I ate meat, my 5'4 self would definitely be a lot heavier. I am not the most healthy vegetarian in the world as I consume more carbs than I do actual vegetables.

Since moving back to San Francisco from New York, I've actually gained 12 lbs. On my way to workout for the first time in a few months today, I asked myself why this was.
What had been so different in New York? The primary answer I settled on is walking. I do not, nor have I ever owned a car, though yes, I can drive (very well, if I do say so myself ;) While in New York, I left my house nearly everyday. Whether it was to go on open calls for work, wander through neighborhoods looking for work, going into Manhattan to meet up with friends or simply walking 5 blocks down St. Marks to my friend Gabriel's house. Then there's the subway stairs, and lugging around my kit. My Zuca does have wheels, but I still had to carry it up 3, if not more flights of stairs, 1 being in my apartment. I ate out twice that I recall while living in New York. The rest of my food I cooked.

San Francisco is a very different story. We don't generally have "open calls" too often. A great majority of my friends either have kids and dont go out too often, or they have cars and pick me up. I technically work one day a week & to get there, all I have to do is walk 4 blocks and climb 1 measly flight of stairs. The other 6 days a week, *if* I leave the house, it generally because someone is picking me up. And food wise, I don't cook too often. I'm at my parents house. Their kitchen, their food etc. Not that they dont share - they definitely do! Dont get me wrong, but, well women can be a little territorial and controlling in "their" kitchen. Nuff said.

Today I went to a circuit training "booty" camp (gotta love the name!) and it kicked my ass within the first 5 minutes. I stuck it out and struggled through the remaining 55 minutes, but it was awesome. I'm sore and exhausted, but it's that good hurt.

We live in a society that makes it okay for us to be lazy. Fast food all around, cars that make us forget we have legs to get us from point A to B, and demands from work, relationships etc that monopolize our time. So all I can say is this. Don't allow society to make you lazy. If you're unhappy with how fit or healthy you are, change it. It's that simple. Here's some tips I've acquired over the years.

- Drink water. No Soda. Drink at least half your body's weight in ounces of water per day. Example: If you weigh 140lbs, drink 70 ounces of water.

- Park as far as you can from a store entrance in a mall. Walking even that tiny amount can make a big difference.

- Take the stairs, not the elevator.

- Escalators. Dont just ride them up. They're moving stairs. Walk up them.

- An apple a day... Apples are negative calorie snacks. Meaning, a medium sized apple is about 90 calories. Just in digesting that apple, your body burns 120 calories.

- ABC's - Abs, Butt, Crunch! Even while sitting, (if you have an office job, or you just cant pull yourself away from your computer), you can "work out". And it doesn't just have to be your abs and butt. You can also flex nearly any muscle in your body while sitting. Hold it for 30 seconds, release and do it again. If you cant hold it for 30 seconds, start off with 5 seconds and work your way up. Even this small motion will help your muscles tighten up a bit.

- Stretch. Stretching your muscles improves bloodflow and increases flexibility contributing to strength.

- Dance! Who doesn't like to dance?! I realize some are self concious, so even if you're not comfortable at a club, bar or concert, turn up some music and dance by your lonesome while cleaning or folding laundry. Getting your heart pumping is important.

- Alcohol. If you are seriously trying to drop fat, stay away from alcohol altogether. However, if you must, keep it light - vodka, gin, light tequila, light rum etc Definitely NO jager, whiskey, or cognac. Vodka and Soda (NOT tonic - there is a difference) is the lowest calorie drink. Try a flavored vodka and squeeze a lime or lemon into it. Stay far far away from anything using sweet & sour. Midori sour, whiskey sour, long island, lemon drops, long beach, adios MF, tokyo tea etc. Sweet and Sour is like sucking down almost pure sugar.

-Deserts - Do not deprive yourself, but try and find alternative options. Frozen grapes are AHHMAZING (IMO at least) as a desert or even a snack. I also love Skinny Cow Ice Cream products.

Most of these tips you all have probably already heard, so maybe this will just serve as reminder, or hopefully be helpful to some of you. Typing it all up reminded me! Also, remember that the photos you see of that celebrity who's "perfect" body you want, are edited and airbrushed.


  1. You're so inspiring. Thank you for doing the videos that you do. I've come to look up to you a lot not to mention the amount i've learned from you. You are truly amazing.

    I knew from the second i started watching your t-shirt video you were a dancer by the way you carry yourself.

  2. very enlightning I subbed you on youtube and I also have a blog on blogspot follow me...

  3. I just wanted to say you inspired me to try and match my makeup to my outfit. I usually do makeup before I choose clothing. But today I did it the other way round.

  4. Alcohol is good for your heart. Not mixed drinks, but a beer (or two for men) a day is good for your heart. I think it's an ounce of liquor, but I could be wrong. You're not talking about being healthy: you're talking about not being fat.

  5. Human beings are gross. Period. Society itself makes it so difficult to have time to keep ourselves in shape and healthy. Who the hell has time to get to the gym & cook healthy meals these days? 12 hour work days, 8 hour school days, sometimes 8 hours of work then 4 hours of school (or vise versa), cleaning, cooking, caretaking, pets, friends, family, networking, showering, homework, kids, and even that rare 'me time'... everything that society DEMANDS that you keep up on, all the while DEMANDING that we look like greek fucking gods and goddesses. We can't win.

  6. @k - Actually, I'm talking about being healthy, not being trim. If you re-read what I wrote, you'll see that. I did address the weight issue because that's what women generally talk about - the fat aspect.

  7. thnaks for the tips, specially the alcohol related ones. I am trying to loose some pounds and I didnt know that vodka was lower in calories, so thanks! I will try to cut back on the drinking anyways.

  8. i didnt know you lived in SF risa!! i started watching your tutorials recently and i love love love! in fact, i did your moulin rouge look for halloween!

    it totally makes a difference what part of the city you live in. a lot of my friends who live in nob hill area walk and take public transport everywhere! but then there are the spots with tons of parking....and we're all doomed =/.

    im going to try p90x soon. i'll let ya know how it goes...