Friday, September 25, 2009

She-Devil Makeup

This was OHHHHHH so fun to do! Though, it wasn't until the next day that I realized the red did indeed, stain my skin a tad. I would definitely reccomend possibly putting a layer of your own cream foundation down first to act as a slight barrier against the red. But Halloween is only 1 day a year, so I'm all for going all out in the makeup department! I made some horns just for the video, but definitely invest in the prosthetic horns, or the headband kind, whatever you prefer.

-Make sure to buff your powder in!!! I didn't notice it until after I took it off, but you can see it in the photo AND in the video.

-Yes I used photoshop to make my horns symmetrical in the photo. :)

Products Used:
Face and Body Mixing Medium (MAC)
Basic Red Pigment (MAC)
Panic Blush (Illamasqua)
Carbon Eyeshadow (MAC)
Smolder eyeliner (MAC)
Black Gel Liner (Loreal HIP)
MUFE HD Powder
Russian Red Lipstick (MAC)
Garnet Lipliner (MAC)

This took me 30 minutes remove. I used Olive Oil which will remove any makeup - waterproof or not and is actually good for your skin. I also used sugar as an exfoliant to scrub everything off quicker.


  1. AAAAAAAAAAMAZING! All of your looks are so flawless! Your amazing!

  2. amazing!! did you take down the zebra tutorial? I just noticed that this year MAC did that look for halloween too, how freaky is that :P

    keep the tuts coming, love them!

  3. Hi Risa,
    Just wanted to say I did the Devil look this year for Halloween and it was a great hit,thank you keep them coming.

  4. Wooooahhhoo. I love!!!

    Caroline White

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  5. hi there, wondering if you ever did so a tuturial on a pretty or girly/glamorous devil?

  6. Perfect for what I want to be this Halloween. However I have red contacts too. Its gonna be awesome!

  7. Any suggestions for other bands than MAC that carry a matte pigment like that. Having problems finding it anywhere!

  8. Thank you for this I used it last night it was awesome. I did my own modifications but I loved the black on the side of the nose. I wish I would of found this earlier and prepared my self more.
    But I had similar make up that I used. Thanks again.

  9. Amazing makeup job! Thumbs up, you did great! I was searching for some fresh and scary halloween makeup for this coming halloween 2013 and I just got ideas here. Thanks for sharing!

    More power and keep posting
    ~ Cristine