Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween is nearly upon us!!!

I've been sick, procrastinating, working etc (excuses, excuses!) In any case, I have some downtime this week to play catch up on Youtube. I have a few reviews to do along with the Feedback video I promised.

In regards to the feedback video, can anyone reccomend some good FREE video editing software? I currently use Windows Movie Maker and while it's suited my needs up until now, it's not cutting it for the feedback video. I can narrate on my laptop but the audio sounds HORRID. I would much rather record on my camera and just use the audio from that while showing a slideshow of the looks I'm talking about. Either I'm not using WMM correctly, or that's just not possible with the program. So please please give me your input on your favorite video editing software!

I will be doing reviews on: Senna Cosmetics, Dior Deep Hydration Radical Serum, Dior Airflash spray foundation, 2 Astara Masks, Redken layer lift spray gel AND lastly, Swiss Clinical Pure Body Milk.

In regards to Halloween tutorials, I have a few face charts sketched out of various looks HOWEVER I would like to know, what do you want to see?! Leave me a comment and LMK :)


  1. Well, I guess you could try Vegas ;D It has a 30 days trial version, it's enough for now :)


  2. Hi risa! since i loveee your avility to create great looks.. it would be nice if you do a cirque du soleil makeup, its a very interesting look and you have all the skills to pull it out... Thanks so much for the inspiration...

  3. Hi!

    I just stumbled upon your blog a few days ago, and I love it! Not to mention you're in SF like me. : ) Maybe you could include some makeup looks that will complement a halloween costume without having to paint the whole face?

    The devil look you already did, for example, was cool and scary, but maybe you could do a lower key version.

    In terms of other looks, maybe a marionette doll, cleopatra, or an alien? Just trying to think of different kinds of look...

  4. I would suggest Adobe Premiere Pro.