Friday, October 23, 2009

Dark Angel Halloween Makeup

Products used:
-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Red and Black from MUFE Flash palette with a flat brush & a dome shaped fluffy brush (242 & 224 from MAC)
-Burnt Burgandy pigment (MAC) with a flat brush & dome shaped fluffy brush (242 & 224 from MAC)
-Carbon eyeshadow(MAC) with a flat brush (242 from MAC)
-Blacked Red Glitter (MAC) with a small flat brush (236 from MAC)
-Gesso eyeshadow(MAC) with a flat fluffy brush (238 from MAC)
-Zero waterproof liner (Urban Decay)
-Black Liquid Liner (Prestige) with fine tipped brush (210 from MAC)
-Feather eyelashes from
-HD Concealer (Senna Cosmetics)
-HD Foundation (MUFE)
-Taupe Blush (MAC) with an angled contouring brush (164 by MAC)
-accentuating cream in Beiglite (Senna Cosmetics)
-Nightmoth lipliner (MAC)
-Sexie Lipstick (MAC)
-Angelwing lustreglass (MAC)


  1. OMG Risa you should totaly dooo your eyebrows like that on your normal makeup!! I love it... (obiosly a color that compliments your hair lol)... Veny nice!!!!

  2. Gorgeous look! Beautiful pic! Love the makeup.

  3. Wow... I can't wait to watch it! It looks beautiful and mysterious...

  4. Girl - you ROCK !!!
    Im impressed!
    you should sell the products needed on this website!

    / Hans from Denmark

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