Monday, February 1, 2010

Home is where the heart is

Cliche, yes. However it's true. As I mentioned, I have many "homes". And I find, that many people I know, find it odd. What I find even more odd, is that I tend to feel more "at home" when I'm away from it.

When I first started making videos on Youtube, I did a tutorial talking about what makeup I carry with me so I can "refresh" my face no matter where I wake up. I touched on that again in a recent video and someone made a comment stating that I should "keep it real" and if I have a booty call, say I have one. Some people just can't accept or understand the truth.

I am far from a prude, and yes I had my "booty call" days when I was younger. Wild nights out, stumbling through the door at 9 am, sun glaring in my face while I was still intoxicated from the night before. I've hailed cabs in my clubwear while business people getting their morning coffee glanced up from reading the Times to judge me.I never, however had much shame in it. I was simply living.

I'm getting a bit off track though.

I am a night owl, as are most people I know. If I'm at their house in conversation until 4am, chances are that by that time, I don't feel like going to my own house. Conversation requires more energy than we realize. (I only realized it after my hospital stint) My true friends, or rather "lovers" are family to me. I don't have to ask to stay there (though often times I do) - they insist. They extend their homes to me. Feeling so "at home", even when away from it, I honestly never quite know where I'll end up and I'm completely at ease with that.

There is however a larger concept. Any and every place I've ever visited I've felt at home. It may seem to be almost a hippy concept and sound pretty cheesy, but earth is my home. Some of my friends lack the desire to travel overseas, or do something as simple as camping "Eww, the bugs!" "I'm not staying somewhere where you have to brush your teeth with bottled water" "I need air conditioning"

They are entitled to feel however they want, but none of that is me. Some of my favorite nights were spent sleeping under the stars in the middle of nowhere with animals lurking all around. Humans ARE animals. How quick we are to numb our instincts and truly believe we NEED air conditioning. We NEED the comforts of a 5 star resort.

I'm ranting a bit, but how can you not love and appreciate everything that exists on this planet? Whether in the middle of nowhere or in the midst of an enormous city, LIFE is everywhere. Even a stone cold skyscraper - all the energy that numerous people put into it's existence, from the architect to the construction workers. That building is the product of many people's work. What can I say? My heart is literally everywhere. Perhaps that's why I feel so at home no matter where I am.


  1. Hi Risa, I am writing from Seville esther, the truth esque I'd like to contact you through your work I love makeup and your story in the hospital I was very shocked because I follow you a long time and I hope your answer a big kiss big.

  2. I don't feel myself foreigner anywhere, wherever there's a hearth I find my heart.

  3. I truly believe that we are nomadic beings. I've had many situations in my life were I was moving just about every year. I've come to appreciate and anticipate some place new. I've gained so much knowledge from each place I've been; some not so nice and some pretty nice. A lot of people ask, don't you want a house of your own some day? Perhaps in the future, I may. But I don't like to draw physical boundaries as to where home is, because the truth is, home is the heart is. A house isn't a home without love, and love you can have anywhere.

    It is a shame that most perceive animals as inferior to human beings, when we ourselves are animals. I have pure respect for animals; they can teach us so much, if only we would listen and trash the concept of separation.

    I've camped out, many a times, far away from the fast pace life, without any communication from the outside world, without the luxury of a stove top, a warm shower, and it was in those times that I've felt complete bliss and closeness to the earth.

    We could only hope that more could see the beauty in both the dark and light.