Thursday, January 14, 2010

Maggie Bags & Makeup Raffle for Charity

-Go here:

The page will look like this:

(Click the image to make it larger)

Select the amount you'd like to donate. Tickets are $2 each, so make sure the amount you are donating is an even number! Notice I did $16 instead of $15.

You will receive 2 emails once you complete payment. They will look like these:

(Again, click to make them larger)

Forward either one to me!! at so I can enter your name into the raffle. I was mistaken in the video, the emails do NOT include your address. No worries - if you win, I'll will ask you for your addresses.

You may purchase as many tickets as you want. The more the better as you have more of a chance of winning PLUS this is going to a good cause AND you can use your donation as a tax deduction.

Onto the prizes!

Prize #1:

Maggie Bags Backpack (retails for $98)
MAC Good As Gold Pearlizer (retailed for $17)
MAC Viva Glam V lipstick (retails for $14)
MAC Bitter pan Eyeshadow (retails for $10)
MAC Jam Session Glitter (retailed for $14)
MAC Black Tied Eyeshadow (retails for $14)

Prize #2:

Maggie Bags Pink Tote (retails for $76)
MAC Venus Pan Eyeshadow (retails for $10)
MAC Softwash Grey Pigment (retailed for $18)
MAC Apripeach Pearlizer (retailed for $17)
MAC Sleepy Eyeshadow (retailed for $13.50)
MAC Magrittes Paint (retails for $16)

Prize #3:

Maggie Bags Chocolate and Pink Hobo (retails for $98(
MAC HUndred Degrees Pearlier (retailed for $17.50)
MAC Ricepaper Pan Eyeshadow (retails for $10)
MAC Living Pink Eyeshadow (retailed for $13.50)
DazzleRay Pigment (retailed for $18)
MAC Overtly Plum Lipstick (retailed for $14)

Prize #4: If you live in or near San Francisco or Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx or Queens, I will come to YOU! I will do your makeup. We will talk and you can ask me anything and everything you want to know about how to best do your makeup for your face and then we will have a mini photoshoot. If you live in New York, this will need to take place sometime while I am out there February 11th-23rd

If you win this prize and you live elsewhere, we will have an hour and half (possibly longer as time seems to fly when I'm doing makeup related stuff - as long as that's okay with you!) chat/lesson via Skype.

Sound good?! Like the prizes? Welllllll, scroll up, click the link and go buy your tickets! You have until 3pm PST February 5th to "purchase" them/donate and forward me those emails!

Thank YOU to Maggie Bags for their generous donation!


  1. can you please have a meet and greet in NYC bcos i live in queens! my yt is contact meee
    my email is