Friday, January 22, 2010


I've been attempting to upload a video for the past few hours. Youtube apparently doesn't want to work with me because it's failed and aborted the upload several times. I'm crossing my fingers on this time, hoping it goes up. In the meantime, I decided to write about an "aha!" moment that I had earlier tonight.Well, maybe not so much of an "Aha!" moment, but simply further confirmation of something I had already suspected/known.

Remember how in this blog entry I mentioned that parents (or adults more generally) certainly don't know everything? Well I was watching 20/20 with my mom and they replayed the interview Barbra Walters did with Lady Gaga. Now, a few nights ago in one of my many bouts of insomnia, I began to read Nicola Formichetti's blog. For those of you who don't know, he's Lady Gaga's stylist. I would LOVE to work with him. In any case, I was reading back further and further as I only discovered his blog about a month ago. He has various Gaga related posts including videos. She is an artist I've been aware of (who hasn't) but I never paid her much serious mind until her performance at the VMA's. Even after, I appreciated her art but never dove further into caring about who she was, what she was about etc. Perhaps partially because I lived through the era of pre-packaged talent that could sing (maybe) but their image and what they say, sing etc was mostly controlled by their labels and publicists. And I don't care much for people who are cautious in life. That say what "should be said" and wear what "should be worn" to sell more albums.

So I watched an interview of hers with someone from MTV- John someone. She explained (and some of you probably already knew this - what can I say, I'm late!) that her image is what it is because she wants it to be that way. She basically lives and breathes art. She felt like a freak growing up because she didn't fit in and wants to be a rolemodel for people to be who they are. If they want to be what the majority of society would consider "a freak", then that's okay. Do it. Be you. She also mentioned she works purely off of intuition and "visions" - or something along those lines. And everything she envisions she writes down and puts into action. Everytime, it's a success. Yet she's learned that if she ignores an intuitive urge and doesn't act on it, the "visions" become less clear/strong. I'm totally rephrasing everything by the way from memory.

Excuse my language, but how fucking cool is she. After hearing that interview I just have so much more respect for her. She is a true artist and a real, conscious human being. She is someone who "gets" the big picture in life. Back to 20/20, she reiterated the statement about wanting people to feel liberated to be themselves. At which point, after pointing out how mature she was for a 23 year old, my mom says "Oh, but there's the kid in her." I responded with "what?", not understanding what my mom meant by that statement. "There's her immaturity showing - it's her age."

Come again? This statement was made at the beginning of the interview so I waited until it was over to ask my mom to elaborate and this is what she said, "She said she's trying to teach people to be themselves. As if people need teaching."

I began to reply "Mom, she's very aware of the fact she has young fans."
"Yes Risa obviously, she's young herself"
"But mom, do you know how many people exist on this planet that are NOT truly themselves at their essence? How many kids do you think want to do something or be someone but don't because of either their parents or friends or whatever. Furthermore, there's even more adults who aren't truly themselves because they live life in fear."
"Oh Risa, stop! Melody and I both agreed that she sounded very immature making a statement"

I didn't even bother debating because I realized just how "out of it" she is. Personally, as I may have mentioned previously I've been on a bit of a "spirtual quest" for the last 2 years or so, but really only making much headway in the last 8 months. Only recently did I come to truly understand some of the conversations I've had with my friend Prasand. (follow him on twitter if you want - very insightful/interesting being - @Prasand) Many times he explained to me that just because I want to share something, doesn't mean it should be shared, that it could destroy a person, leaving their world in ruins if they're not ready to hear it.

So why address it on a public blog? Because I believe the things that I write about will resonate with you if you're meant to and ready to hear them. I touch on things on a very general level. You either can relate or you can't. And it is my belief that if you're someone who is not ready to hear such things, you'll simply reject it as my mom does. Which is fine.

Back to the conversation and Lady Gaga. She is someone who is very much in touch with her being, or soul. Those intuitive "visions" are purely her essence at it's core driving her forward. She has learned to tune out the voice of her mind, or her ego. And I don't just believe, I KNOW that THAT is what she was getting at by wanting to encourage people to be themselves - not who they think they should be to please everyone else around them or because they're afraid. Which yes, I suppose could be seen as a "childish" statement as my mom said, but childish is a positive way.

Watch kids someday if you have the opportunity, whether you're a parent or not. They can teach you far more than you can teach them. They say what they want, uncensored. They do what they want, if allowed. If allowed to dress themselves, sure some may dress in ways we think are ridiculous but they're expressing themselves - who they are. Because they haven't yet learned "the rules" that society imposes upon us.

Lady Gaga's statement may have been "childish", but it was spoken by someone who is fully conscious and dare I say has reached Enlightenment. Because that ladies and gentleman is the big secret of life. So simple, yet so unbelievably difficult for so many people to do, Be Yourself. Silence the voice that is your ego, the voice that instills fear in you, and simply Be Yourself. Once you're on that path, life truly becomes a breeze. And just like in "The Alchemist", the universe seems to conspire to help you and things just fall into place.

-On a sidenote, I haven't yet finished "The Power of Now" but it's pretty good. I do find it a bit too repetitive, though I understand some people need repetition to "get" a concept. I like the question/answer format as it pretty much addresses any questions that come up while reading. One of the main points I've walked away with is that you can talk until you're blue in the face and want to help someone "see the light" but it probably won't do much good, especially if they're not ready to see it (my mom) So I've learned to stop bothering/debating as much and although I still struggle with accepting her as is because I want her to feel more inner peace the way I do, it's easier and more effective for me to just accept that it is what it is - she'll only reach that point when she's ready. The best thing I can do is continue to be myself and build up the strength of my consciousness. Because that is really the only effective way to help anyone. Inner light/peace radiates and can't help but be contagious.


  1. I must say I have a "kindred spirit" sort of feeling regarding this post. It's nice to know that there are other people in the world who realize the importance of finding one's true self and sticking to it; the importance of doing what you want because YOU want to, not because of anyone else, regardless of how important they are to you. I follow you on YouTube, but I'm not much on following blogs; however I think I'll keep my eyes open for more posts like this. :)

  2. this was a great post, i don't have a way with words as you do, but i'm also on the same page as you and diana, commenter above. sooo refreshing to know other people "get it." i also recently discovered how "cool" lady gaga was by watching her recent interview on oprah. check it out if you haven't already it's on youtube. also a point: telling someone to "be themselves" how in any shape or form could that be construed as childish? i was trying to think about how someone might perceive it that way, maybe because we're told that as children, but not by children. either way, i agree with you that most people live in fear. its what i'm working on. too consumed with what everyone else thinks.... great post. i enjoy reading your thoughts.

  3. "just because I want to share something, doesn't mean it should be shared, that it could destroy a person, leaving their world in ruins if they're not ready to hear it."

    That really resonated with me. I admire you for being your true self; it's great to know that there are others. :)

  4. I think your mom's definition of maturity differs from yours, not just her perception of it. I've lived a very nomadic life and I decided this year that I needed to settle for awhile. I consider this a phase and maybe one day I'll be nomadic again. When I told a friend, though, that I am trying to put down some roots for awhile she said that it was great to see that I was finally overcoming some of my immaturity. I asked her to explain because that could easily be a hurtful statement. In her eyes a person has attained maturity and adulthood when they have responsibilities such as owning a home, having children, being married, owning a pet, etc. I see maturity as an internal process not as something you can attain externally.

    I think most people think like your mother and my friend. To these people, the more you conform the higher your level of maturity.

    And you are right, there is no reason to overexplain yourself to them. They can only see what they are ready to see. It's hard not to want to feel understood, though.

    You and I have a lot in common. I feel like I've found a kindred spirit in your writings.

  5. There were words and thoughts racing into my head as I was reading this blog post. Tonight is the first night I have seen your blog, even though I've been watching your video for months on YT.

    As I started reading your reaction to your moms reaction to what Gaga said, I couldn't absorb your words fast enough.
    Immediatly I went to find my Paulo Coelho books to quote something to you and encourage to you read his books if you hadn't already!
    Though, once getting to the end of this entry I see you've read his amazing works already.

    I tried interpreting Gaga and her art to a lady I work with at my other job. She went on and on one day talking about how she can't stand her and everything she does she just does to get attention.
    I explained to her that maybe she just didn't understand Gaga or the message she was trying to portray. She happens to be in an industry of self-expression and not only does she do that very well, but she's actually incredibly talented. Amazingly talented. I explained to said Lady that perhaps she should think of herself as 'pre-programmed' to feel that whatever is put out into the public eye by the mainstream media is going to be the same as everything else.
    But that everything always deserves a closer look. Even trite meaningless pop songs all have thier meanings, cliche they may be, but there is a meaning there. A purpose. An element to relate to.
    (I only got a blank stare in return of my explanition. Just. Blank. Like not only was the hamster not running on the wheel but that the hamster had actually packed up and moved house.)

    Which is the beautiful thing about being human. How easily relatable we all are and how essentially, no matter our background, color, or creed, rich or poor, there is an ever constant ebb and flow of occurrences that we all go through.

    You, Risa, are beautiful outwardly. But now, tonight, I discover how inwardly beautiful you are as well! I can sit here and try to put into words how much this post has struck a nerve with me, a good one, but sometimes you run out of words. :)

    That being said, there is an itch inside of me that I've been trying to creativly feed since I was a little girl and discovered my moms make-up. And everyday I come home and feed it by watching many amazing tutorials by people like you. Thank you for sharing your amazing works of art.
    And also your words and thoughts.

    You, dear, are simply amazing. :)